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Systematic approach to pain management

Art and Science evolve better together.

I Claim that it takes as much as 10-15 years to “maximize” ones competence in infiltrations.

The science of pain control and orthopedic medicine (non-surgical) took a giant leap with the advent of PRP/platelet rich plasma.

With PRP, we finally have an alternative to failed cortisone infiltrations. It is very difficult to justify the absence of PRP in the public system, when I rarely see a failed PRP attempt with the standard 2-3 treatment protocol.

PRP/platelet rich plasma is for now, the golden standard in regenerative medicine. Stem cell infiltrations have been banned in 08-2019 by the “western countries”.

Some centers infiltrate with more marginalized/less studied products such as peptides (BPC 157), exosomes (nucleic acids) and some add ozone to their infiltrations. I am personally very satisfied with my PRP success rate and, for now, am not looking into these other products.