4 Taschereau, office 550
Gatineau, Quebec J8Y 2V5

(819) 525-2322

Sat - Sun: Closed
Mon - Fri: 9:30am to 4pm

Saint-Georges Medical Clinic in Gatineau for Pain management

Saint-Georges Medical Clinic adapted itself to the current situation for musculoskeletal pain management & orthopedic medecine (non-surgical)

  • Online booking.
  • One client and escort at a time in the clinic.
  • Wearing of masks and washing of hands is mandatory when indicated.
  • Please take advantage of the precious information shared in the Q&A and "My pearls".
  • The cost of a visit without intervention is $250-300.
  • A visit with infiltration(s) is $400-560.
  • PRP treatments are $800-900.
  • A phone consultation when applicable is $100-250.
  • Prices may change without notification

Saint-Georges Medical Clinic

Dr. Pierre Saint-Georges is at your service.

Musculoskeletal pain control

Expert in orthopedic medicine, sports medicine and pain management

Injections to manage pain

Dr Saint-Georges treats: tendon, ligament and joint pain with cortisone or hyaluronic acid or PRP/platelet rich plasma injections. Lumbar and sciatic pain from discopathic disc disease, discal hernias and spinal stenosis with cortisone or PRP caudal epidurals. Capsulitis by arthrographic distension muscle pain with xylocaïne trigger point injections with or without cortisone or botulinic agent.

Dr Saint-Georges

Dr Saint-Georges offers his 30+ years of medical expertise in the private sector after 25 years of public hospital work in emergency medicine, pain clinic and orthopedic medicine.

Doctor's experience

  • Family medicine trained with an expertise in emergency medicine (25 years) and pain management for non-surgical musculoskeletal conditions (20 years)
  • Multiples trainings in pain management and orthopedic medicine 2000-2010
  • Full time emergency medicine in Maniwaki 1992-2017
  • Graduated U of Montreal in family medicine 1992
  • Orthopedic medicine, sports medicine and pain management in Maniwaki and Gatineau 1998-2023
  • Dr Saint-Georges has developed an extensive expertise in dealing with the majority of non-surgical musculoskeletal pain syndromes through many preceptorships and self-training making his services unique.

Photos of the private sector clinic in Gatineau