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By making an appointment, you understand that Dr. Saint-Georges has the obligation to offer you the best treatment available in his therapeutic arsenal. You realize that even if he can estimate a success of 50-80% in 80% of his chronic pain clients, he does not have an obligation to achieve results and this is universally the case in medicine. You must therefore accept that failure may come from your condition.

You also understand that it often takes 2 to 3 visits to manage chronic pain which often originates from an injury which has created secondary lesions/pain.

The risk of infection for any infiltration is of the order of 1/100,000.

A needle has a diameter such that it cannot permanently damage an anatomical structure.

By reducing the pain on the anatomical structure suffering the most, the patient often becomes aware of another source of pain on another neighboring anatomical structure. The patient will often say that the pain is different or that it has changed location. It is therefore necessary at this time to continue the treatment…

Looking forward to relieving you of your pain.