Saint-Georges Medical Pain Clinic

Anti Aging Regenerative Orthopedic Sports and Aesthetic Medecine

Private clinic ( partial OHIP coverage )


Orthopedic sports medicine

Musculoskeletal pain management by means of infiltrations ( cortisone, hyaluronic acid, PRP / Platelet rich plasma, botulinic agents, xylocaine trigger points ) and medication

Anti aging Aesthetic medicine

Rejuvenation by:

  • Laser
  • PRP / Platelet rich plasma

To be completed if needed by:

  • injecteble fillers ( hyaluronic acid )
  • injectable botulinic agents

Minor emergency clinic

By appointment only

Delay 1 to 3 days

Radiology and ultrasound rapidly accessible in same building

Internal medecine consultations, gastroscopy, colonoscopy and cardiac stress tests available

Also in the same building : Pharmacy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, massotherapy

Free parking

Pain clinic
Ottawa - Gatineau medical clinic

Doctor Saint-Georges offers highly expertised private medicine based on 27 years of experience in ER and orthopedic medicine.

His clinic offers an alternative to crowded public services.

    Qualifications :
  • Family doctor with expertise in emergency medecine and pain management
  • Full time ER practice at Maniwaki hospital 1992-2017
  • One of the rare doctors in the Outaouais with the ability to infiltrate most anatomical sites able to provoke pain
    Expert in pain pharmacology
  • Certified in anti aging aesthetic medicine ( Laser and injectables ), 2018-2019
  • Graduate of University of Montreal in family medecine 1992
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